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Who is this 'ChibiLaura' chick anyway??

Hello! As you know my name is ChibiLaura u can call me Chibi or Laura! =] I am 17 years old but i act like a 5 year old! I love Anime, Manga, Ice Cream, and Cake! i also love to dance! I do hip hop, tap and filipino dances. heheh im the "Lead Dancer" in my filipino dance group, Samahang Kapatid. I also like Penguins! Penguins are the shiitezzz! Expecially Tap dancing penguins! :] xDD!!! hm... wat else... i hate public speaking and gory horror flims. (they're just sick and nasty) D8 uh... Im also a hopeless romamtic person. I talk about love but i dont have one. =(. I do currently have a crush on someone but he doesnt even kno i exsist.... TxT WOOO IS ME!!!!! >.< Anyways...i can speak english, Tagalog, Japanese, and French! but im not really good at it... ehehehehe So anyways.... enough about me... lemme tell you about this here manga im making.

What's "Beyond Wonderland?"
to tell you the truth... i was inspired to make this manga because of a my friend. She made me watch "Alice in Wonderland" a play my school performed. They made the play so cute it made me feel like a kid. I really liked it alot! ive always been a fan of plays and 'Alice in wonderland'. and what also inspired me was this picture on the right When i first saw it i was like, "WHOA!!!! THE RABBIT'S GOT THE HOTS FOR ALICE!!!!! WTF???". Then after that i started doodling on paper. I was like "hm... suppose i draw Alice in love with the rabbit?...and The chesire cat in love with Alice!!!!" i slowly was starting to develope a manga in my head. and that's wat started "Beyond Wonderland".