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Alice Gabrielle Coeur
Age: 16
Bio:Alice belongs to one of the riches families in her town. Her father owns a very big and important company and her mother was a famous pianist. Alice herself adopted the girl for playing the piano. She is actually quite famous for being a musical genious at such a young age. Asides from that, Alice is smart, elegant, and a bit lonely. Since she was born, she has always been taught to be polite, to never talk back, to never talk out of tone, and to have a very solid face. She is often mistaken for being ignorant and upity. Therefore, Alice has a hard time making friends. Yet, all she wants is a friend to talk to and laugh with.
Her mother died when she was 5, and her father seems to be too busy for her. Yet she recently found out that her father may be in love with manager.

Authors Note: I have changed Alice's name so many times, but i think im okay with this one. Alice's name is actually somewhat special to me. Of course i wanted to keep the original name, so "Alice" was a must. The word "Coeur" means Heart in french, which plays a bit of a factor in the story. Finally, the name "Gabrielle" is actually my middle name. Alice is probably one of the characters ive actually put alot of thought into. And in ways, she sort of is me. So i wanted a bit of me in Alice. So i gave her my middle name.

Chesire "Chessy" Gatto
Age: 19
Bio: Chesire or "Chessy" is a very blunt person. Usually being rude when he doesn't need to be. But deep down, he really is a caring guy. He just doesn't know how to show his feelings and will often bluntly saying things without thinking. But like many people in the land of Wonderland, Chessy despises the queen. However, there is nothing he can really do about it. So he takes his anger out on others. He does have a soft spot though. But it is very hard to reach it. One might say, that he is "an impossible guy".

Author's Note: Chessy is probably another characters i took a really long time to develop. At first, he falls in love with Alice at first site. This time... eh... im not saying anything. But actually, he name is very special to me too. One of the first plays i went to when i was a freshmen in high school was Alice in Wonderland. It took a completely different twist than the book and the movie, but i loved it anyway. One of my really good friends was also Alice and the guy who played the Chesire Cat was hilarious. But that is where The Chesire Cat's nickname came from. From that play i watched a few years ago. "Chessy" to me, was an awesome name! and i had to use it. So that is how chessy got his name. As for his last name, i wanted to use different languages for each of there characters, so, "Gatto" is the spanish word for Cat.

Blanc Lapin
. Age: 20
Bio: Lapin is the Queen's assisant. (and he very much hates his job) He is always busy and always seems to be in a rush. Because of this, he is somewhat anti-social and very hard to talk too. He has a heart of ice, because he gives off that vibe that he's mean and he really doesnt care. But actually, Lapin is a very gentle person who wants to understand, but doesnt know how to do it. He is also very shy to the point that he lockes up his feelings and emotions. So all in all, he is a very confused person.

Author's Note: Blanc is definetally one of my favorite characters. I just like his personality. He's so innocent, yet, not. Anyways, his orginal name was "Usagii Doki". Usagii being the japanese name for Rabbit, and Doki, i think is also japanese for the feelings of one's heartbeat. (correct me if im wrong). But i decided to change it because, the Wonderland setting isnt really "Japanese style". So i decided to change his name to what it is now. "Blanc Lapin" is french for "White Rabbit". I thought that it fit perfectly. Plus, i like french.

Riven "Riv" Hatter
Age: 25
Bio: Riven is the owner, founder, manager, and boss of the Mad Hatter Cafe. He actually doesnt like it and will often leave his work. Which drives his assistant, Adel, insane. He does have an odd obsesstion with cute things. He is quite addict to girls in gothic lolita fashion too. Which gives him the nickname "Pedophile" and "Rapist" amongst the other customors. Though he likes cute girls, he finds his love for his assistant quite hypocritical. He often calls her ugly and fat, but really finds her attractive and beautiful; rather than cute.

Author's Note: Ahh, Riven... my other favorite character. i have the most fun developing him as much as the others. But actually, his orginal name was "Shiz". I know, its weird. But i actually got the name from a song i heard from the musical, "Wicked". But now, i changed it to Riven... which really has no reason behind as to why i picked it. I guess i really liked the nickname "Riv". It sounds cute. But anyways, Riv/Shiz was originally suppose to fall in love with Alice. Yet, i had a little run in with one of the readers saying that Alice was a Mary Sue. To tell you the truth, i dont know if thats a good thing or a bad thing. But that comment that person left seemed a bit... harsh. So i twicked him alittle. Yes, he still likes Alice, but his hearts set on Adel.
Adel Hare
Age: 22
Bio: Adel is a very well organized and neat person. To the point where people think she has OCD. She is Riv's childhood friend as well as the assistant manager for the Mad Hatter Cafe . Yet, she usually finds herself being the boss when Riv goes out to "play". She considers herself as Riven's babysitter, rather than partner. She also cleans after him when he does something stupid. Even though she is the opposite of Riv, she cant help but love him.

Author's Note: To be honest, i was suprised by the many Adel/Riv supporters out there. I really didnt think they would look at eachother like that. Then after a while, i could see it. Adel's cleanliness and Riven's messiness balance each other out. They are an odd pair, but it keeps me amused. Anyways, at first, Adel was Edel. I changed it becaue i figured Ay-dell sounds alot better than EE-dell. If you like Edel better then... too bad.

Dee and Dum Tweedle
Age: 10
Bio: Dee and Dum Tweedle are too young twins that basically cause havoc throughout Wonderland. Althought small, the damage they cause is huge. Dee is the older one and seems to be the more responsible one. While Dum is alittle more rude and childlike. They both like to challange the authority of the adults, but deep down, they're kids, just being kids.

Author's Note: Originally they were "Kaoru and Haru" and they were originally 18 years old. Ill be honest with you (again), i got their personality from Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran High School Host Club. But i felt very unoriginal so i changed them a bit. As weird as this sounds, i tend to like a younger kid like an older person because of their innocents. They dont understand, which, to me, makes it really cute. When your older, some of the mischievious stuff you do... just makes you look stupid. So i feel that by changing their age, would make them more innocent and pure, even though they are spoiled brats.